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WiseGuys reputation is built on serving only the highest quality foods in a unique environment that screams Chicago yet is locally friendly and familiar. If you are looking for authentic Chicago style Italian Beef, Combo Beef & Sausage, Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, Chicago Dogs or Pizza Puffs, this will no doubt become your second home.

WiseGuys sets the mood with an ambiance that reflects the topsy turvy world of Chicago during the prohibition era. A time of Bath tub Gin, Speakeasy's, Hooch & Giggle Water. A time when gangsters like Al Capone audaciously seized control of the streets. The background music reflects this period of the roaring 20s evolving into the Rat Pack generation.

At WiseGuys, there is something for everybody. Hot Dogs, Burgers, Gyros, Salads and our biggest seller - Cheesesteaks! In addition, all sandwiches can be served on a bed of lettuce as low carb options.


WiseGuys serves the best Italian Beefs outside of Chicago hands down. Don't be fooled by local "imposter's" claiming to be Chicago style. WiseGuys utilizes the highest quality Italian beef and gravy (Au Jus) available right out of Chicago. Sure, we could buy local beef and it would certainly cost us much less, but we are out to please the needs of the transplanted Chicagoan's and they have high expectations. I have seen it time and time again when a Chicagoan approaches the register on their quest to find the Beefs they remember from home. The utter delight on their faces when they take the first bite into the WiseGuys Italian Beef tells all. They have found the real deal!

But its not just the beef, WiseGuys uses Turano rolls also right out of Chicago. And, Hot Giardiniera from... you guessed it, Chicago!

A Chicago Eatery
Italian Beef Sandwich

The Italian beef sandwiches in Chicago are the stuff of legend.

In part, because once you've left the city it can be seemingly impossible to find a restaurant that does the sandwich justice. They're a challenge to anyone attempting to replicate them and deliver on the promise because an ex-Chicago resident likely knows what it's like when it's perfect.

That's where, WiseGuys - A Chicago Eatery, gets it absolutely right.

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Best Cheesesteaks, Italian Beef and Chicago Dogs in Texas.
Better Dog or Sandwich than WiseGuys - Fughhetaboutit!

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